3 Reasons You Must Watch Korean Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Full of Meaning!


The latest tvN drama titled Twenty-Five Twenty-One will be released on Saturday (12/02), you know. Set in 1998, this drama by Jung Ji Hyun tells the story of young people who struggle to achieve their dreams in the midst of a crisis that hit South Korea.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One starring Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, WJSN Bona, Choi Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Myung is one of the reasons the audience is looking forward to its broadcast. According to director Jung Ji Hyun, the chemistry of the actors is the main point of this drama, you know. “The main point of our drama is chemistry. I hope you look forward to our chemistry ,” he said at a press conference (09/02).

Not quite up there, chingu . Actually, there are other interesting things that will make you feel at home watching Twenty-Five Twenty-One , here. Want to know anything? Let’s scroll!

Teach never give up to achieve dreams
Twenty-Five Twenty-One depicts the bittersweet life of five young people in 1998, when South Korea experienced a financial crisis and experienced major economic, social and cultural changes. You can definitely imagine how difficult life was then, right? The crisis situation forced them to give up on their dreams.

The impact of this crisis occurs on Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), a member of the fencing team at her school. The team had to be disbanded because there was no funding to support the training activities. This condition makes Na Hee Do sad and disappointed. However, he did not dissolve in sadness.

During the press conference, Kim Tae Ri explained that the character Na Hee Do is described as very intelligent and energetic. He is very confident and determined to do what he dreams of. After going through all the hardships, he finally managed to become a member of the national fencing team. Cool, right?

Three-quarters of money, Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) experienced the same thing. His father’s business went bankrupt. He did all kinds of part-time jobs, like delivering newspapers and working in a book-rental shop. Interestingly, despite the hardships he was in, Baek Yi Jin’s expression remained calm, as if he was not surprised by anything in his life.

The process of Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin cs in achieving this dream will be explained in detail through 16 episodes that will air. So, don’t miss it, okay?

The search for identities relevant to Millennials and Gen Z
Director Jung Ji Hyun revealed that Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a drama that captures all the emotions of young people, ranging from fun, sad, upset, happy, disappointed, and others.

Youth is indeed a period of human transition in finding identity. The story of the young people in this drama really describes the search for identity that goes on a journey like a roller coaster, you know.

Not only about achieving his dream, this drama is also colored by the romanticism of young people who are excited and make baper, such as the story of falling in love at first sight and the story of old love sprouting again. Guaranteed, exciting!

A storyline that resonates with the COVID-19 pandemic
Reported by The Korea Times , director Jung Ji Hyun explained that the life stories of each character during the social upheaval in Twenty-Five Twenty-One are very relatable and resonate with the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When watching this drama, young people living during the COVID-19 pandemic will sympathize with the stories of young people featured in Twenty-Five Twenty-One , remembering the lives of people their age about 20 years ago who were similar to him,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the social fabric in society. All movement is limited. However, this limitation should not prevent young people from working, right? It could be, your struggle will also be similar to Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk cs, here.

Well, after listening to the reviews above, you’re even more curious, aren’t you? Twenty-Five Twenty-One is ready to accompany you on Saturday and Sunday nights via tvN and Netflix, you know. Don’t forget to add it to your watchlist , OK?