3 reasons Juventus should sack Massimiliano Allegri


Massimiliano Allegri’s position as Juventus manager is on the brink. Serie A 2022/23 Week 7 The defeat of Monza adds to the complex position of the former AC Milan manager in the ‘Old Lady’ squad.

As a result, there is talk that Allegri should be immediately removed from the Juventus managerial position. It was judged that the management from last season failed to improve Juventus’ performance despite being given time.

There are also several other reasons why Juventus should kick Allegri. Here are three reasons to summarize in Italian football.

1. Unsatisfactory results
Juventus is a team that is used to its best. Not infrequently, they have stepped on the gas since the beginning of the season, leaving their rivals who are sometimes still looking for performance. But this season is very different.
Juventus averaged only 1.77 points per game. This points average is much lower than when he faced Sassuolo from Milan and in his first years at Juventus.
Juventus is currently in 8th place with 10 points. Apart from losing to Monza, they also drew with Salernitana and Sampdoria, and lost twice in the Champions League against PSG and Benfica.

2. The atmosphere in the dressing room is not good
At the moment, the atmosphere in the Juventus dressing room is not easy. Allegri doesn’t seem to be able to liven up the dressing room atmosphere, except for the bad results that the team often experiences. He often gives players confusing messages.
In fact, it seems he no longer has control over the dressing room, from some statements he gave to the press. He even instructed the players to do well individually, without a clear game system.

3. Juventus can slide further
In fact, there is still the possibility Allegri will stay. This was stated by the club’s CEO, Maurizio Arrivabene. However, management must immediately take a stand. Juventus is likely to slide further.
There are also several senior managers currently unemployed, such as Thomas Tuchel, Zinedine Zidane and Mauricio Pochettino. It’s good they immediately replace Massimiliano Allegri so that Juventus can get up soon.