3 Most Goosebumps Outer Space Disaster Movies, Moonfall Latest


Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry will co-star in Moonfall . This film is about the earth which is threatened by the apocalypse due to the fall of the moon. Not only Moonfall , there are a number of space disaster films that raise the theme of the threat of Earth’s destruction due to phenomena in the solar system.

Curious which films with this theme can you watch other than Moonfall ? Here are some movie references about disasters in the solar system.

Moonfall (2022)
Moonfall tells of a strange phenomenon of the moon. It is said that the commonly known moon is not just an ordinary natural satellite. Three astronauts are sent to prevent the moon from falling to earth because it has stopped rotating around the earth.

This suicide squad is about to carry out the last impossible mission into space. These three astronauts leave behind everyone they love, only to find out that the moon we’ve always known isn’t what we think it is.

Armaggedon (1998)
Due to the disappearance of a shuttle in space, NASA has discovered that an asteroid will hit Earth in the near future. The only way to save Earth is to blow up the asteroid with nuclear weapons and destroy it before it hits Earth.

NASA sends experienced technicians in the field of oil drilling from civilians to save the earth. A dangerous mission that becomes the last chance to survive on earth.

Sunshine (2007)
The sun is one of the biggest factors that support life on earth. What happens if one day the sun dims and dies? That’s the premise of what happened in the film Sunshine (2007).

A team of astronauts is assigned to save the sun for the continuation of life on earth. However, everything takes a terrible turn when an accident occurs and the lives of these astronauts are threatened.