3 keys to understand the accusations of bullying of Nam Joo Hyuk, actor of ‘Twenty-five, twenty-one’


Renowned South Korean actor behind kdramas such as ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’, Nam Joohyuk Hyuk was singled out for committing school bullying

Nam Joo Hyuk became a trend in different parts of the world and not because he is going to star in a new drama, but because he was accused of committing bullying . In Sónica.mx, we explain everything that is known about the accusations of bullying against the actor.

According to information from The Days News, an anonymous source told said media outlet that the actor was a school bully for 6 years in middle and high school. The same informant stated that he was a victim of him and his group that is made up of 15 students at a time.

He also accused Nam Joo Hyuk of pushing and hitting the rest of his schoolmates, threatening them to run errands, getting in line during lunch, and swearing repeatedly. He added that several of the victims are in therapy due to the alleged abuse they experienced from the actor.

What happened to Nam Joo Hyuk, actor of ‘Twenty-five, twenty-one’?
The accusation comes from a YouTube channel
According to different media, the accusation comes from a YouTube channel, Sojang. On June 19, they shared a video titled ” Nam Joo Hyuk ‘s unpleasant personality ” where they pointed out that the actor is allegedly rude to people who do not belong to the world of fame, that is, he is only kind to others. Famous.

In that video, a reference is made to a particular case where actress Jo Hye Jung made a live broadcast where she only got a thousand viewers. On the other hand, idol Lee Sung-kyung received more viewers, so the ‘ Twenty-five, twenty-one’ actor allegedly scoffed and suggested to the former artist that he stop broadcasting.

Although the video has received many comments where they thank him for revealing the alleged identity of the actor, this YouTube channel is known for creating rumors, which later turn out to be false. Therefore, it is believed that the accusations of bullying against Nam Joo Hyuk could be false.

Contradictions in the accusation about bullying
In the report published by The Days New, a photo was shared as evidence. Said image is about the yearbook of the 2013 generation of Suil High School, where the actor was allegedly a student and has made donations in the past. Once this controversy became bigger, the fans of the histrion showed that they had other data.

According to Nam Joo Hyuk ‘s fans , the artist transferred several times while in high school, for example, he attended Kyung Nam High School where he excelled as a basketball player from 2006 to 2008. But he quit the sport due to injury. . He later transferred to Chang Yong High School in Gyeonggi-do at the age of 16.

And he graduated from this school located in Suwon before attending the Soo Il school campus, so many believe there are contradictions in the accusation, but there are other fans that that was the reason he was transferred so many times.

Nam Joo Hyuk ‘s agency stance
For its part, Management SOOP, the agency that represents the actor of ‘ Twenty-five, twenty -one ‘, denied all accusations of bullying in a statement: “After verifying the veracity with the actor regarding the initial report, we have confirmed that all the information relevant is not true in the least.

Likewise, they indicated that they will request a rectification report from the Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) against the media outlet that spread false information and, in addition, they will file criminal charges against the media reporter for not verifying the statements with the same actor. or your agency. They will also take legal action against the anonymous source.

From what has come out so far about the accusations of bullying that Nam Joo Hyuk allegedly committed , it could be said that it is all false information where those responsible for disseminating said information both in the media and on YouTube will suffer legal consequences.