3 Interesting Facts about Manchester City Vs Real Madrid: Exciting Antithesis Duel


Real Madrid will be tested again for its establishment when they travel to the Etihad Stadium, Wednesday 2022 in the semifinals of the first leg Duel of the Champions League. Their status as kings of away will be tested by Manchester City, the owner of the stadium, Semifinals Duel who is also good at home.

Yes, this duel will be interesting. Apart from the fact that both teams are filled with quality stars, their records when they meet are also quite good.

The Champions League (2022) 3 Interesting Facts about Manchester City Vs Real Madrid: Exciting Antithesis Duel at the Etihad Stadium

1. Clash of champions home and away

ManCity and Madrid have different records, making this match interesting. ManCity is known as a team that is good at home, not losing in five matches at the Etihad Stadium.

Meanwhile, Los Blancos recorded an extraordinary nick while playing at the opponent’s cage. They have won four and lost only once at home in the Champions League this season.

What should be wary of Madrid, has been five away games from all competitions ended in victory. Facing ManCity, Madrid is determined to score six consecutive wins in all competitions.

2. Two equally sharp teams

ManCity and Madrid are equally productive. Combined, the two have scored 28 goals in their last six matches.

Man City have scored 13 goals in the last six matches and conceded only six times. Meanwhile, Madrid have scored 15 times.

Interestingly, both ManCity and Madrid often score first in the first half. Eight of Manchester City goals came in the first half, while Madrid scored six goals in the same period.

3. Mahrez vs Benzema sharp battle

This duel will involve a sharp battle between Riyad Mahrez and Karim Benzema. Mahrez is currently ManCity’s mainstay in the Champions League by collecting six goals.

Meanwhile, Benzema has appeared fierce in the Champions League this season. He has scored 12 goals throughout the Champions League this season, being the second temporary top scorer.

Guardiola Dizzy Manchester City Defender Crisis Ahead of Real Madrid

Two of Manchester City mainstay players, Kyle Walker and John Stones, are almost certain to be absent. Walker picked up an ankle injury while playing in the quarter-final second leg against Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano. At that time, he had to be withdrawn in the middle of the second half.

1. Cancelo is also absent

Not only Walker and Stones, Manchester City also had to play without their mainstay left-back, Joao Cancelo. He must serve a card accumulation penalty.

Cancelo has already collected three yellow cards, making him certain to miss the crucial match against Real Madrid.

2. Must review the squad

Guardiola admitted he had to review his squad ahead of the match against Real Madrid. He has to be careful because the stock of players he has is not too much.

3. Change the play scheme

There are indications that Guardiola will change his playing scheme. It is also possible that Guardiola will force a number of players into unnatural positions to fill the void of Walker, Stones and Cancelo.