3 Figures Of The Prince Of Troubles In ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ Revealed, The Viewers Are More Impatient


TvN Has Again Shared A Leaked Poster For Their Upcoming Saeguk Drama, ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’. This Time, The Figure Of 3 Troublesome Princes Who Would Make The Queen Dizzy Was Revealed.

” The Queen’s Umbrella ” seems to be the next Korean drama that drama lovers have been waiting for. The saeguk drama, which will start airing in October, tells the story of the life of Queen Lim Hwa Ryung ( Kim Hye Soo ), the mother of five troublesome princes and the king’s wife.

Drama lovers have been made curious and impatient through trailer footage showing Kim Hye Soo’s hard work as the queen and mother of troublesome princes. Now, the latest poster that was leaked by TVN has again increased the curiosity of viewers. The poster reveals 3 out of 5 figures of troublesome princes that Kim Hye Soo must take care of.

Hwaryeong blue palace life on and off. ‘Mother of war’ poster when OFF is revealed! Useless charisma in front of the gold crash patch soldiers Watch the moment Hwang’s mother doesn’t stop breathing #스트리밍은TVING 10/15 [Sat] 21:10 tvN premiere #문상민 # #유선호 ,” reads the post uploaded on the official Instagram account of the TvN drama, @tvn_drama on Tuesday (20/9).

Through the poster, Kim Hye Soo poses with the three princes, played by Moon Sang Min (Prince Sungnam), Yoon Sang Hyeon (Prince Muan), and Yoo Seon Ho (Prince Gyesung). As a result, the drama lovers were even more enthusiastic. They are increasingly impatient waiting for the acting chemistry of the players in the drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”.

” Actor Yoo Sun Ho looks really good 😍 ,” wrote @sa_gixxxx . ” I can’t wait to see you. Looking forward to it ,” continued @younxxxx . ” Queen please come quickly!!! I’m dying!!! ,” concluded @soosxxxx .

“The Queen’s Umbrella” is scheduled to premiere on October 15, 2022. The drama will air at 9:10 p.m. (KST).

The character of Queen Lim Hwa Ryung is described as being the busiest in the palace because she has to take care of and educate five princes who differ in their personalities, interests and problems. Hwa Ryung’s originally beautiful personality becomes strong in the process of enduring the restless years. Even so, her motherly figure was able to let go of self-esteem for the sake of her children. . . . . . . . . . .