2021-2022 NBA Regular Round Final Match Results: LA Lakers Win, but Not Qualify for Play-offs


The NBA 2021-2022 will hold all the last games of the regular round, Monday (11/4/2022). The Los Angeles (LA) Lakers won in vain as they did not qualify for the play-offs.

The first match pitted the Cleveland Cavaliers with the Milwaukee Bucks. Playing at their own headquarters, the Cavaliers won with a score of 133-115.

Still in the Western Conference, there is a match between the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks at the Toyota Center. The Rockets were helpless in front of their own supporters, losing 114-130.

Then, the Brooklyn Nets won over the Indiana Pacers with a score of 134-126. Followed by the victory of the Charlotte Hornets over the Washington Wizards 124-108.

There was also a Philadelphia 76ers victory over the Detroit Pistons with a score of 118-106. The New York Knicks also won against the Toronto Raptors 105-94.

There was a surprise in the match between the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. Heat as the top standings were forced to give up with a score of 111-125.

Surprises also occurred in the Western Conference when the Phoenix Suns fell at the hands of the Sacramento Kings. This match was tight so it ended 116-109 for the Kings victory.

There are also matches that bring together top teams, such as the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Boston Celtics which ended 110-139 for the Celtics to win. Furthermore, the Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Chicago Bulls 120-124.

Then, the Lakers won over the Denver Nuggets with a narrow score of 146-141. Then, the Portland Trail Blazers lost badly to the Utah Jazz 80-111.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles (LA) Clippers slaughtered the Oklahoma City Thunder 138-88. The Dallas Mavericks also won after overthrowing the San Antonio Spurs 130-120.

Final results of the 2021-2022 NBA regular round :

Cavaliers vs Bucks 133-115

Rockets vs Hawks 114-130

Nets vs Pacers 134-126

Hornets vs Wizards 124-108

76ers vs Pistons 118-106

Magic vs Heat 125-111

Knicks vs Raptors 105-94

Grizzlies vs Celtics 110-139

Timberwolves vs Bulls 120-124

Pelicans vs Warriors 107-128

Suns vs Kings 109-116

Nuggets vs Lakers 141-146

Trail Blazers vs Jazz 80-111

Clippers vs Thunder 138-88

Mavericks vs Spurs 130-120