20+ Best & Latest Sad Korean Movies 2021, Heartbreaking Makes You Cry!


Sad Korean movies can be an alternative if you are too busy to watch all the episodes of sad Korean dramas, which generally offer a fairly large number of episodes.

Although the duration is shorter, don’t ever doubt the storyline and the level of sadness, gang! Because it is guaranteed that you will not be able to hold back the tears.

Recommendations for the Latest and Best Sad Korean Movies in 2021
The list of Korean sad films below is indeed mostly no longer shown on the big screen or cinema, gang. However, you can still watch it with the Korean live streaming application.

Like Viu or Netflix which you can watch directly via Android or iOS smartphones.

However, if your wallet is thin and you can’t subscribe, you can also watch this saddest line of Korean films through Korean movie watching sites.

Sad Korean Movie about Brother and Sister
Korean films about family relationships are often emotional. Especially when it comes to brothers and sisters.

Indeed, this is not relatable for those of you who don’t have a brother or sister, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be watched, these titles actually make you find the figure of a brother or sister even though they are not siblings.

The relationship between brother and sister is sometimes annoying, but that doesn’t mean they hate each other. In these titles, it is precisely the affection that is intertwined that can make anyone who watches can shed tears. In addition to preparing snacks, get ready tissues too, yes.

The film Miracle of a Giving Fool stars popular Korean artists, namely Cha Tae-hyun as Lee Sung Ryong and Ha Ji-won as Ji-ho.

This drama film tells of Seung-ryong, a man with mental retardation (Ba-Bo) who has to support his younger sister because both of his parents have died. Seung-ryong takes care of his younger brother Ji-in very carefully, but the younger brother is very displeased with his idiot brother.

One day Ji-in falls ill, Seung-ryong panics and runs carrying his sister to the hospital. The hospital sentenced Ji-in to kidney failure and must immediately get a kidney donor.

Seung-ryong’s kidneys don’t match. However, there is a childhood friend, Ji-ho, who is willing to donate his kidney to make up for the guilt he felt when he was little.

In the past, Seung-ryong was accused of smoking and causing a fire in one of the rooms at his school. Because of the slander, he is expelled from school and is hated by Ji-ho.

In the end, Seung-ryong died from being beaten by thugs just because of a misunderstanding. After Seung-ryong’s departure, the younger brother regrets having wasted his brother who loves him so much.

2. Hiya (2016)
Hiya stars a series of actors who often appear in Korean dramas. They are Ahn Bo-hyun, Lee Ho-won, Park Chul-min and Kang Sung-mi who are ready to make a flood of tears.

Tells the story of Jin-sang (Ahn Bo-hyun), a troublemaker in his family. He is suspected of fraud and murder. Meanwhile, Detective Choi (Park Chul-min) chases after him.

Jin-sang has a younger brother named Jin-ho (Lee Ho-won). Jin-sang always tries to be close to his sister, but Jin-ho hates him.

Although Jin-ho always refuses the presence of his brother, however, Jin-sang still protects and tries to make Ji-ho a singer like what he wants.

Recommended Sad Movies About Other Brothers and Sisters~

3. My Little Brother (2017)
My Little Brother is the first Korean film to be distributed by the Walt Disney Company Korea. The film stars Lee Yo-won, Jeong Man-sik, Esom, and Jung Joon-won.

Tells the story of three brothers who live separately and do not care for each other. One day their father in the village died which made the three brothers meet again.

Instead of greeting each other, they wanted the death ceremony to be completed quickly. During his father’s death ceremony, they were surprised because there was a boy who was crying who turned out to be their youngest brother.

The three brothers finally tried to avoid the responsibility to take care of their youngest brother. Who would have thought the presence of this boy would eventually strengthen the family relationship.