2 MotoGP stars who have retired, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi may return to racing together


The rivalry between Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi is just a memory in the MotoGP event. As is known, both names have retired.

Now reported on the GPOne website , there is a possibility that the rivalry between Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi can be seen again. It’s just not in MotoGP, but in car racing.

The above came to the fore after Jorge Lorenzo expressed his intention to participate in a car racing event someday.

Jorge Lorenzo is even said to be playing in the Italian Carrera Cup in 2022. This possibility strengthened after the Spaniard became a guest of the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, November 18.

The five-time world champion even had a chance to try the Guhnzani 911 GT3 Cup team car with Alberto Cerqui. Porsche CEO Pietro Innocenti has even said he hopes to see Jorge Lorenzo drive their car in the Italian Carrera Cup.

Meet at Le Mans
If Jorge Lorenzo can be competitive in the Italian Carrera Cup, then the driver’s future is certain at Le Mans 24hours.

To note, Le Mans 24hours, an endurance racing event that is so iconic is also very much liked by Valentino Rossi .

Valentino Rossi even said he was interested in joining the GT3 class for the event.

So there is a possibility that Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi will return to one track. Yes, it’s just wishful thinking, but who knows in the future it can be realized.

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MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo uncovers the reason Marc Marquez hates Valentino Rossi

Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi are known to have a very close relationship. Especially for the first time, Marc Marquez took the class in MotoGP in 2013.

But over time and the two of them were involved in a lot of intense competition on the track, making the relationship between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez changed drastically until now.

Jorge Lorenzo, one of the eyewitnesses of the competition between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi, opened his voice to the cause of the feud between the two racers.

According to him, what happened in MotoGP 2015 became the beginning of the heated relationship between the two drivers who both have a lot of fans.

As is known, Valentino Rossi thinks that Marc Marquez is deliberately helping Jorge Lorenzo, who is involved in the competition to become world champion together with him.

The estuary of the incident was a worldwide collision between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi at the 2015 Malaysian MotoGP race.

Jorge Lorenzo’s Comments
It’s just that Jorge Lorenzo assesses what happened at the 2015 Malaysian MotoGP is the culmination of the feud between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi .

According to him, actually Marc Marquez has started to hate Valentino Rossi after the incident at the beginning of the season, namely MotoGP Argentina 2015.

“Argentina was the key to the championship (2015 MotoGP). Vale came from behind, they touched and Marquez fell,” said Jorge Lorenzo.

“Marc thought it was Valentino’s fault and until then they had a very bad relationship. In my opinion, Marc is upset that Vale has no regrets and celebrates it very much.”

“And then at Assen (Dutch MptpGP), where they blamed each other. Since then, Marc no longer wants Vale to be world champion,” he continued.

Rossi and Lorenzo Improve
Jorge Lorenzo himself actually has a bad relationship with Valentino Rossi. But he said that now the relationship with Rossi began to improve.

Surprisingly, Jorge Lorenzo said he was invited by Valentino Rossi to practice motorcycles together at the nine-time world champion’s ranch.

The above is certainly an indication that the relationship between Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi has improved. “He called me to train at the ranch together,” said Lorenzo.

“I was surprised and very happy. Valentino is one of the three strongest riders of the modern era. We have some good things together,” he continued.