K-Pop Star Who Has Perfect Teeth, Who Is?

K-Pop Star Who Has Perfect Teeth, Who Is?


K-Pop stars are always synonymous with perfect appearance. Not only smooth faces and hair that always looks shiny, they also have eye-catching smiles with neat rows of teeth that add to the charm of perfection that they have.
You can see TWICE’s Nayeon smiling with her trademark bunny teeth in her solo debut titled POP! Nayeon is known as a K-Pop star with a bright smile and one of the charms she has is in her flat teeth.

IVE’s personnel, Wonyoung , is now a figure that is no less popular than seniors in the K-Pop industry. IVE songs such as Eleven to Love Dive are now perched on the music charts. Wonyoung often gets the ‘killing part’ in his songs so that he stands out from the rest. Wonyoung’s signature smile can’t be separated from his efforts to get perfect teeth too.

It is known that during his debut and activities with IZ * ONE, Wonyoung had time to use braces in order to have perfectly flat teeth. Now he no longer uses braces and only applies a retainer.

TXT’s Soobin before debut also used braces to align his teeth. Now when you see Soobin perform, you will definitely be amazed by his appearance and smile. Of course, the effect of using braces helped make Soobin’s final appearance more attractive. But beyond that, how he takes care of his teeth and mouth also needs to be imitated.

Having even and neat teeth can be a trend that is also popularized by South Korean celebrities. Local people believe that one’s appearance will be more perfect because of a beautiful smile and a row of clean white teeth.

The treatment that K-Pop stars do is often a benchmark for the appearance of fans from all over the world. Care to keep their teeth and gums healthy is also done to imitate the good things that the fans do. One thing that K-Pop idols often do to take care of their teeth is to brush their teeth 3 times a day and after every meal. No wonder their teeth always look clean huh!

Inspired by the treatment of the K-Pop star, the first K-Oral Care treatment in Indonesia is presented to change the old habits of Indonesian people in maintaining oral health. It turns out that from the results of the 2018 Basic Health Research on 300 thousand household samples, as quoted from the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, it was recorded that the correct brushing behavior was only 2.8%. In addition, the wrong habits of Indonesians are also not routinely changing toothbrushes within a maximum period of 4 months according to the ADA (American Dental Association) recommendation.

K-Oral Care is now present in Indonesia with a breakthrough. Not only to change habits in caring for dental and oral health, but also to present a superior concept from similar oral products that already exist in Indonesia.

The good news is that a K-Pop group with perfect teeth will be installed to become its brand ambassador. Guess who? Can you guess?