15 years since he replaced Pierce Brosnan by starring in the 21st film in the James Bond series


Casino Royale (Martin Campbell, 2006), and, along the way, went on to star in three sequels, including Skyfall (Sam Mendes, 2012) which became the film The first in the secret agent adventure series to rack up more than $1 billion in commercial revenue during its worldwide release, Daniel Craig has completed his stint in portraying the James Bond character with the latest installment in the film series, No Time to Die . Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga ( Jane Eyre, 2011) based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade – who have written the entire James Bond film series since The World is Not Enough (Michael Apted, 1999) – and Phoebe Waller-Bridge , No Time to Die. feels complete the characterization journey of the character of James Bond, which since being played by Craig is presented as a more serious and darker figure when compared to the character of James Bond when played by the line of actors before Craig.

The storyline of No Time to Die itself continues the storyline that has previously been described through Specter (Mendes, 2015). After the arrest he made with MI6 against Ernst Stavro Blofeld ( Christoph Waltz ) who is the figure behind the criminal organization SPECTRE, James Bond (Craig) chooses to retire from his duties as a secret agent and chooses to live alone in Port Antonio, Jamaica. James Bond’s quiet life gets disturbed when his best friend who is also a secret agent from the Central Intelligence Agency, Felix Leiter ( Jeffrey Wright ), who arrives with another secret agent, Logan Ash ( Billy Magnussen).), enlists his help in tracking down a scientist named Valdo Obruchev ( David Dencik ), who has been kidnapped by a group of people from a secret laboratory owned by MI6. James Bond initially turned down the job offer. However, when a secret agent from MI6, Nomi ( Lasyana Lynch ), also comes to him and explains about Project Heracles which is being handled by Valdo Obruchev and has links to SPECTRE, James Bond then decides to immediately complete his retirement.

In terms of storytelling, No Time to Die may still not be able to compete with the elegance of quality that was previously successfully displayed in Casino Royale and Skyfall . However, this film is clearly capable of a much better set of conflict and character settings than Specter . Like the films in the James Bond series , No Time to Diearmed with action scenes that have been worked out to the fullest – from the arrangement of the action choreography to the audio and visual execution that will make every audience feel the tension due to the presence of these bombastic scenes. The themes and intrigues that are presented are quite familiar. The same thing can also be felt from the driving motive of the film’s main antagonist, Lyutsifer Safin ( Rami Malek ). Even so, the film’s story script was managed carefully by the direction of Fukunaga who allowed each layer of the film’s story to develop slowly to produce the perfect emotional bond – even though it pushed No Time to Die to tell 163 minutes.

No Time to Die is present so strong when exploring the intimate relationship that exists between the main character and the characters around him. Whether it’s the troubled romance between James Bond and Madeleine Swann ( Léa Seydoux ), his professional relationships with characters like Nomi, Felix Leiter, M ( Ralph Fiennes ), Q ( Ben Whishaw ), or Eve Moneypenny ( Naomie Harris).), even his relationship with antagonist figures who are ready to destroy him such as the characters of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Lyutsifer Safin. The supporting characters around the James Bond characters get their respective portions of storytelling which are very effective in maintaining the stability of the film’s storytelling. The dialogues made by the characters also feel dynamic and alive with a number of comedic touches that make No Time to Die even more fun to follow.

At the same time, it is quite appropriate to characterize No Time to Die as a fitting ending for the journey of the character of James Bond while played by Craig. If Craig’s appearance at Casino Royale changes the ingrained perception of the handsome, glamorous, flamboyant, and female-loving James Bond character into a person with a darker, colder, and more serious personality, then No Time to Die completes the development of the characterization into a character. warmer and more mature. Of course, No Time to Die still leaves traces of the classic James Bond character in its storytelling – “ shaken, not stirred,” “Bond, James Bond,” Aston Martin, and various high-tech devices that will always be faithful to accompany their tenure. However, it is very exciting to see the James Bond character in Craig’s era able to present the movement of an iconic character so that he can appear human and will certainly succeed in gathering many fans from the latest generation.

The James Bond series in the Craig era also served up with very solid acting department support, and No Time to Die was no exception . A number of actors who have appeared in previous films have again shown their capable performance capacity in this film. The chemistry that exists between Craig and Seydoux in the romance story between the two characters they play is also getting warmer. The antagonist character that he plays may not leave a deep impression, but Malek’s appearance clearly makes the presence of the antagonist able to hold the attention of the audience as a whole. Oh, speaking of holding the audience’s attention, a glimpse of Ana de Armasas a secret agent who helps one of the missions of the James Bond character will obviously be the talk of many parties. De Armas’ appearance is so straightforward and strong and will remain in the memories of many who witnessed it – and will be able to make many people hope that the character will return in the future.

Craig’s role in bringing the character of James Bond to life can’t be taken for granted. Since Casino Royale , Craig has put on performances that not only make his character look very convincing as a formidable secret agent, but is also able to form a strong emotional bond with his audience. To be honest, Craig’s success in bringing the character of James Bond to life is enough to make it hard to imagine another actor appearing to play the character. It’s definitely a big task for the cast of the next James Bond character to be able to compete with or just match the achievements of Craig, who is probably the best James Bond character actor to date.