15 Best Isekai Anime JOI Version


Isekai is the most popular genre of today and also the most hated by many otaku in today’s era. The reason is, there are so manyisekai anime genres that cross and have more or less similar templates. Characters who are transferred to another world, usually fantasy, immediately gain powers that the OP doesn’t mind , collect harems with ease, and defeat their enemies are the picture of most isekai that haters from this subgenre hate .

In fact, if we look deeper, the opportunities from Isekai ‘s story are very wide. But to get pleasure and convenience is an absolute thing and perhaps the latent desire of the author to produce such a work.

Among several isekai series that have been circulating, there are several titles that have interesting stories and are a shame to pass up. They find their own color that can elevate the degree of isekai or make it unique. Or some are still using the usual template but the execution is extraordinary. JOI has collected some of the best isekai anime titles that have been released until the most recent season, spring 2021. Of course, everyone’s tastes are different, but you don’t have the right to argue because JOI is already leaving, ufufu..

Aired Since: October 2019

Total Episode : 14 (season 1) + 1 (OVA) + 12 (season 2) + ??? (season 3)

Studio: Ajia-do

Honzuki carries a different theme from most isekai anime in general. Starting from the main character who is a little girl but has many shortcomings. Myne or Maine or Mine is a child who has a rare disease. He is a reincanator from the real world who was born in a poor family. It’s really unfortunate fate of this one girl.

But his wish from the old world didn’t change in the slightest. In a world that didn’t produce a lot of books and paper, Myne’s interest couldn’t be channeled properly. Yes, Myne whose real name is Motosu Urano is a girl who really loves books.

In her quest to satisfy her desire, Myne encounters many obstacles. This is an interesting plot, where usually characters who are reincarnated or teleported to isekai get an easier life.

No Game No Life
Aired Since: April 2014

Total Episode : 12 (season 1) + 6 (special) + 1 (movie) + unlimited waiting for season 2

Studio : Madhouse

Tells the story of two brothers, Sora and Shiro who are both invincible gamers. One day, they received an invitation from an unknown figure. The two of them were also transferred to another world where there were many races ranked by rank. The law of that world was that everything was solved through games.

This anime explains the rules of the world very well and clearly. The invincibility of these two brothers does not necessarily make this anime feel boring. In fact, the trick that is issued every time they finish the game is the long-awaited golden moment.

12 episodes is not enough to satisfy fans of this exciting anime . Plus the prologue of No Game No Life: Zero , fans are still thirsty for a continuation of this story. Yes, for those who are still waiting for it, please pray for Overlord to finish quickly so Madhouse can focus on working on NGNL which has been neglected for years.

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Aired Since: January 2021

Total Episode : 11 (season 1) + 12 (season 2)

Studio : Studio Bind

Rudeus Greyrat is a village boy who was raised by a husband and wife couple, Paul and Zenith. Actually this child is the reincarnation of an unemployed person who rarely leaves the house. Armed with the knowledge from his old life, Rudeus grows up not like a normal child.

At first glance , Mushoku Tensei looks like an isekai anime in general. But let’s take a good look. The character development and world building is one of the best among other isekai series. Even though there is an impression of a cheat , the starting point is clear. From birth we are told how this Rudeus grew up to adulthood and maybe until the end of his life.