13 Supporting Artists in Korean Drama Green Mothers Club


After Thirty Nine ended, JTBC filled the void of Korean drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays with Green Mothers Club . This drama tells about the growth of five mothers who meet in the elementary school community with all their personal problems.

Starring Lee Yo Won, Choo Ja Hyun, Kim Gyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung are ready to accompany you during the month of Ramadan. Not only that, this Korean drama is also more complete, starring supporting artists who act as their family.

Airing on April 6, 2022, here is a list of the supporting cast for the Korean drama Green Mothers’ Club .

1. Choi Jae Rim as detective Jae Woong, the husband of Eun Pyo (Lee Yo Won). He entrusted the whole household to Eun Pyo

2. Jung Shi Yool plays Dong Seok, Jae Woong and Eun Pyo first child. The type of child who always wants to know

3. After appearing in Juvenile Justice , this child actor is back. Lee Cae Hyun as Dong Joo, the second child of Jae Woong and Eun Pyo

4. Choi Duk Moon as Kim Joo Seok, husband of Byun Chun Hee (Cho Ja Hyun), a surgeon. Family leader without fuss

5. Kim Seo Joon plays the character of Yeong Bin, the first child of Joo Seok and Chun Hee

6. Joo Ye Rim as Yoo Bin, Joo Seok and Chun Hee second child. The type of child who is smart, lively, and honest. He doesn’t like it when someone is superior

7. Roy as Luis, Seo Jin Ha husband (Kim Gyu Ri) and Eun Pyo ex-girlfriend. He is the GM of a pharmaceutical company that has been in Forbes

8. Shin Seo Woo as Henry, Luis and Jin Ha son. Unique appearance who speaks five languages

9. Im Su Hyung as Oh Gun Woo, husband of Kim Young Mi (Jang Hye Jin), the film director. He feels inferior because his wife is more established

10. Yuna as Sae Bom, Young Mi eldest child but Gun Woo stepson. He is ashamed of his stepfather and resentful of his mother rule

11. Ahn Seok Hyeon plays the character of Julpin, Sae Bom younger brother. The type of child who is never silent, always wants to play

12. Yoon Kyung Ho as Lee Man Soo, Yoon Joo husband (Joo Min Kyung). A salesperson at Luis’ company. The type of husband is shy and passive

13. Park Ye Rin as Soo In, Man Soo and Yoon Joo son. He was embarrassed when his mother worked at the supermarket

The 13 supporting actors above are ready to entertain you, here! What is the drama like? Don’t forget to watch Green Mothers’ Club only on Netflix