11 Unique Facts about Manga Bleach You Should Know!


Manga Bleach is one of the coolest anime that has many episodes with a myriad of interesting facts that will be discussed this time. You may already know that the popularity of the Bleach manga has made it one of the most popular popular manga and anime like Naruto and One Piece.

In this article, 11 interesting facts about the Bleach universe will be described. Starting from making manga to trivia about each character. Curious? Check out the following article.

Unique Bleach facts that you should know!
1. Small and adult Byakuya Kuchiki have different traits

Back when Byakuya was a child, he was a naughty and passionate child. But when he grew up and grew up, he became the captain of the 6th division. He tends to show apathy towards others.

In the process of developing his character, Byakuya Kuchiki is made much different according to the plot of each character. After going through a lot of hard things, he becomes a cold person and a possessive older brother...

Even so, he really obeyed the rules and laws. He believes someone in his position doesn’t obey the rules, and neither does anyone else.

2. The appearance of the “god of death” that differs greatly from the original image
Shinigami is the god of death, aka the figure of the death taker. They are tasked with taking the lives of humans whose time has run out. But usually this god of death is often presented in the form of a skull or a man in black robes carrying a sickle.

In essence, the image of a murderer in fiction is made gruesome to give the impression of horror and terror.

This turns out to be completely different from the one in the Bleach story. In fact, the appearance of a Shinigami is like a human, it even has a civilization like humans and its face is also beautiful. It is completely different and even inversely proportional to the image of the god of death in general.

3. Soi Fon’s love letter to Urahara was a misunderstanding
When Soi Fon finds out that captain Yoruichi will promote Urahara to captain, Soifon, who doesn’t like Urahara, spies on Urahara and makes a written report to captain Yoruichi. But captain Yoruichi thought Soifon’s report was a love letter that Soifon wanted to show Urahara.

4. Ichigo Consists of many mixtures
As you know Bleach manga lovers, Ichigo’s father is a god of death and his mother is both a human and a pure Quincy. While trying to save Ichigo’s father, his mother is exposed to a Hollow. So in Ichigo there are many mixtures, namely: humans, Quincy, Shinigami, and Hollows...

5. Things Uryuu Ishida hates
The thing Ishida hates is procrastinating on anything. She hates buttons even though her sewing skills are great. Are you confused, have sewing skills but hate buttons? Weird but unique. He also hates the word “reckless”.

6. CCTV in the Shinigami world
It’s a bit strange that CCTV or what we usually know by the name of a monitoring camera doesn’t only exist in the real world. However, in the Bleach manga story in the Shinigami world, there is even a monitoring camera in that world which is even more extreme, where all activities in Soul Society are recorded by this camera.

Even the bathroom was not spared from CCTV cameras. Duh, you don’t have privacy if you live here!

7. Juushirou Ukitake’s Free Time Job
Juushirou Ukitake, the captain of the 13th Division, besides being a Shinigami, he wrote a novel entitled Sogyo No Kotowari or in its Indonesian meaning “The Rejection of Twin Fish”. This novel tells about Sogyo, fighting crime and saving the village. The slogan “Sogyo is there Saitsu wa Okotowari da!” Or “I refuse that”. Weird novel title isn’t it?

This Ukitake novel is very popular among the Seiretei children. Although this novel is sometimes on hiatus (not releasing new series) but when it releases a new series and is included in the magazine, the novel is ranked in the top three.

8. Soi Fon hates his own Bankai
For some Shinigami, the Bankai form is very reliable if in a very fierce battle. But Soi Fon is the opposite, he hates his own Bankai. According to him, his Bankai form is too big. Indeed, currently in Bankai’s form, Soi Fun’s hand turned into a large and long golden war.

The hand that joins the sword allows Soi Fon to finish off his opponent even at a considerable distance. But its massive form is the reason why he hates his own Bankai, even though it’s actually very useful in combat.

9. Comparison of Shinigami in Bleach and Death Note
The appearance of the Shinigami in the Bleach anime is made with a handsome and beautiful face, and has a diverse personality, unlike in Death Note (Si Ryuk) which is really gloomy and does look like a real death god.

10. Manga Bleach was initially rejected by publisher Shonen Jump
JourneyTite Kubo in releasing Bleach is not easy. Prior to its release in Shonen Jump, it turned out that his work was refused entry because their slots were full. This had made the creator despair. It’s just that in the end he got the chance and the Bleach manga was released on August 7, 2001 and in 2004 the anime version was just released.