Tien Luat has never been so shiny and colorful – Super Easy Job (2022)


In Super Easy Job , the character https://zenodo.org/communities/dem-toi-ruc-ro-mien-phi/?page=1&size=20 Hoang played by Tien Luat is a criminal who just got out of prison, trying to do business by opening a real estate company. Not only a businessman, Hoang is also a dancer. Therefore, Hoang always appears with a polished appearance and constantly talks about his passion for dancing. The innocent appearance made the audience curious, and like the investigation team in the film, they half believed and half doubted about Hoang’s criminal background.

Hoang is a completely new character of Tien Luat on the screen. The audience will see him for the first time with a colorful appearance in glossy shirts and wide-leg dance pants. The actor brings humor through skillful hip wiggles and skillful dance moves. A shiny Tien Luat, “gliding” and always “adventurous” with the rhythm will really be a new color that has never been seen on the screen.

Tien Luat shared that in the pre-production stage of the film, in the role of producer he only focused on developing the script and the main characters. Near the time of shooting, Tien Luat was “https://zenodo.org/communities/fantastic-beasts-vietsub-jengky/?page=1&size=20 ” when his wife reminded him that he was only busy taking care of others but forgot his character. After that, he spent a lot of time thinking to find the highlight for Hoang. Encouraged by Thu Trang, “Why not do something innovative instead of following the path?”, Tien Luat boldly put on a new color to become a dancer. “A mercurial dancer, always interested in dancing, would be the perfect cover for a crime boss. Only then will Hoang make others doubt his true identity.” – Tien Luat revealed the reason for choosing a new image.

This idea immediately interested the team. The more he develops his character, the more he loves and “loves” his new image. That love is shown on the set when we always see Tien Luan impromptu dancing to the beat of the music, whether recording or not. https://www.lythamhall.org.uk/profile/jujutsukaisen0-filmonlinedeutcsh/profile The male artist also learned to speak Spanish for a typical line of Hoang’s character, with the desire to create highlights from the smallest details. “I hope the audience can see a new image of Tien Luat on the screen. This is really a very happy character, “- the male artist excitedly shared.

Super Easy Job is the next movie Tien Luat accompanies his wife Thu Trang in the role of producer and actor. Before each project, the artist and his wife discuss and consider carefully to find the right role of each person in the film. “It is not necessary that every movie Trang and Luat have to be on the same line. The important thing is that my film has a suitable cast, and a good story to tell the audience” – Tien Luat expressed his opinion. With the image of Hoang Vu Su in Super Easy Job , https://zenodo.org/communities/ngoi-den-ky-quei-3-fulllhd-mienphi/?page=1&size=20 Tien Luat believes that the audience will have an interesting and extremely happy experience when watching the movie.