10 Waifu Who Left and Never Came Back (Part One)


Happy Monday! Valentine may pass, but it feels like the train from me is still going on. Still remember the waifu article last valentine wednesday ? This time I bring more waifu in one package in this article.

In this article contains a waifu who is already in a state of death and never appears again after his death. So there is no term reset or revive , purely they have all left us all and never returned.


Coinciding with February 18th or rather the day of the death of one of the most memorable waifu, here’s the list of the top 10 dead waifu the first part:

10. Chtholly Nota Seniorious (Sukasuka)
As previously discussed, Chtholly is a leprechaun designed to be an army to deal with beast attacks . In the story, Chtholly met Willem , fell in love, until finally she was proposed by her idol. Misfortune befell this Seniorious sword wielder . He must fight against his past memories and end up sacrificing himself to save his lover.

9. Hoshino Yumemi (Planetarian)
Planetarian is an anime that has quite a few episodes. Even with 6 episodes and only 2 characters, Planetarian has a great story .

Narrated Hoshino Yumemi is a robot who works in the Planetarium. Until one day a war broke out which resulted in the Planetarium having to be closed, leaving Yumemi alone there. After 30 years, Yumemi meets Kuzuya , the protagonist she considers a customer.

The end of Yumemi’s story is when she first leaves the Planetarium and there is a shootout between Kuzuya and the war robot. Yumemi was badly damaged and had to end her life after saving Kuzuya. Ah, if there was a paradise for robots, Yumemi would be there.

Lately, there are many mahou shoujo series that have a dark background story. There are many mahou shoujo there who are victims of the ferocity of the story, one of which is Top Speed .

Top Speed ​​is the pseudonym of Tsubame Murota , who is actually a young mother who is still pregnant. Death came upon him when his partner Ripple was battling Calamity Mary . After the fight, Ripple came to Top Speed ​​and found his partner dead due to being stabbed in the back by Swim Swim ( onore Swim Swim!! ).

7. Menjou Hare (Guilty Crown)
Hare is Ouma Shu ‘s classmate who is the protagonist in the anime Guilty Crown . Apart from classmates, he is actually quite close to Shu because they live in the same apartment and have been friends since middle school. Hare is also famous for helping people so it’s no wonder he has a void to repair and heal anything.

The cause of Hare’s death was when he was about to help Shu and his void was destroyed by an enemy attack. Hare’s death greatly influenced the whole story of Guilty Crown . With his death, the originally beautifully crafted story is shattered by Shu’s despair.

6. Shizue Izawa (Tensura)
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken or abbreviated as Tensura is a fall anime last year that is still continuing today. In the anime , it tells the story of Rimuru ‘s journey who is reincarnated into a slime and brought to isekai after being stabbed to death in the real world.

On his way, he meets Shizue who is also a person from his original world. Shizue was transported to isekai as a child and received Ifrit so that she could survive to a considerable age. After Rimuru defeated Ifrit, Shizue lost her strength until her body followed her original age and died peacefully.

5. Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill)
Akame ga Kill does have a myriad of characters who must die in a tragic way. One of them is Chelsea . Chelsea’s fate is unfortunate. Our Waifu who is famous for eating lollipops with his headset in his ear must suffer a tragic death. Not only was the enemy killed, his head had to hang in the middle of the city, being a warning sign for the royal rebels and inflicting deep pain on the Night Raid members .

4. Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa)
Super High School Level Gamer is the nickname given to Nanami . Nanami is the president of the 77th class and is loved by her friends. Junko ‘s plan , the antagonist, is to make the world fall into despair, making Nanami a victim so that class 77 can fall into despair .

3. Konno Yuuki (SAO)
Among all the female characters in Sword Art Online , perhaps Yuuki is one of the few who is not included in Kirito ‘s harem . Since childhood, Yuuki had to suffer from a deadly disease that could not be cured. Yes, it is HIV/AIDS. Even so, Yuuki can still be cheerful and spend the rest of his life playing the game Alfeim Online . Together with his guild Sleeping Knights , Yuuki spent all day in the game world until he became one of the strongest players and received the final respect of thousands of Alfeim Online players.