10 Tasks Naruto Must Do as the Seventh Hokage in Boruto


Naruto Uzumaki grew up to realize his dream as Hokage of Konoha village. He also made people around him recognize him. In the end, he was able to make his dream come true. In the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , he became Konoha’s Seventh Hokage.

In realizing his dream, Naruto must conquer all the obstacles that stand in his way. Once he became Hokage, he also grew more mature. As a Hokage, he also has many responsibilities.


In Boruto , Naruto is often seen doing his job well. So, what are Naruto’s duties as Konoha’s Hokage? Quoted from CBR , here’s the review!

10. Must maintain a high level of power

At the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto was the strongest shinobi who ever lived. He became even stronger in the following years. When he became the Seventh Hokage, Naruto had gained extraordinary powers. However, the fact that he didn’t go on missions as often meant that he was neglecting it. If necessary, Naruto would step up and show everyone that he was still as strong as ever.

9. Must protect Konoha from outside attacks

Even though the world of Boruto looks peaceful, the threat is still there. Naruto must keep an eye on the evil ninjas and protect his village from them. At the same time, a number of other organizations that are planning to destroy Konoha also exist. As the village head of Konoha, Naruto must always be ready to face them in battle if needed.

8. Must manage Jonin who works under him

Like many village heads, it was Naruto’s responsibility to manage his village’s Jonin. All the powerful shinobu in Konoha received orders from the Seventh Hokage. It was he who decided the level of missions against a shinobi and how capable they were on the battlefield. Naruto also has the power to promote anyone and at the same time cut off their duties as a ninja.

7. Gotta take care of Genin

Genin are the future of any village in the Naruto world. Naruto also realized this. Hence, he made every effort to perfectly manage them and make them the best shinobu possible. Naruto knows all the Genin in his village and uses them according to their strength. He put them in the perfect team and assigned the right Jonin to each squad.

6. Often leads meetings of 5 Village Heads

The Five Village Heads Meeting is an event where the village heads of each main village meet and discuss certain events or threats that may arise. Even though all the Village Chiefs were equal in their authority, their strengths obviously varied. So far, Naruto is the strongest of the 5 Village Chiefs. Hence, Naruto is often seen leading the meeting. Moreover, most of the meetings were held in Konoha.

5. Protecting the next generation of shinobi

As Hokage, Naruto’s biggest responsibility is raising the next generation properly. This is the philosophy of the Third Hokage that Naruto embodied. He always wanted to work hard for the next generation and make sure they were all safe. This is evident from his fight against Delta, where he saved Kawaki. He had just met Kawaki, but already considered him as important as his own son.

4. Must treat all villagers like family

Naruto clearly had the biggest responsibility on his shoulders. As the village head, he must treat everyone like his own family, as Hi no Ishi signifies. Hiruzen Sarutobi taught him to treat the entire village like his own family. Just as Hiruzen thought the whole village was under his protection, Naruto did the same. In fact, Naruto often abandoned his own family for the sake of the village.

3. Had to raise Kawaki with Boruto and Himawari

Naruto had been a father long before he became the Seventh Hokage. Knowing how to raise a child well, he adopts and places Kawaki under his protection. Kawaki, who once had nowhere to go, now has a family. Just like Naruto’s treatment of his two biological children, Boruto and Himawari, he also gave Kawaki the same treatment.

2. Must prepare against Otsutsuki

Perhaps Naruto’s biggest responsibility now was fighting against members of the Otsutsuki clan. Since Kaguya’s arrival at the end of Naruto , the Otsutsuki clan has been a constant threat to Earth. During the Chnin Exams, Naruto must step up and protect his village from Momoshiki and Kinshiki. An even bigger threat, Isshiki Otsutsuki, appears and makes things even more difficult for Naruto. He even had to lose Kurama in his fight against Isshiki.

1. Must maintain healthy relationships with other villages

The world became more peaceful after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War. The villages became friendly with each other. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that war won’t break out. Every village puts their safety first and that comes first. For that reason, Naruto must continue to maintain good relations with other villages. Thanks to the help of his advisors, Naruto could easily do that and help them when needed and vice versa.