10 Superhero Movies People Love and Hate


Superhero genre films have become increasingly popular in recent years. Cinemas are also flooded with various kinds of stories from this genre. Audiences love this film because of the action , the embodiment of imagination and the story it tells.

This genre is not entirely just about superheroes from DC and Marvel. Apart from these two giants of superhero comics, there are many other superheroes that are no less great. Although it must be admitted, they are not as popular as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man or Captain America.

However, not all audiences are satisfied with these films. A number of superhero films have actually sparked divisions among audience opinions, critics and fans. This split arose due to a poorly developed plot, character changes from the source material or simply because of a poor adaptation.

When a superhero film doesn’t meet a number of requirements, they will usually face the wrath of the audience. On the other hand, people’s opinions about the film are biased. Sometimes, even the most hated movies are still liked by people. So, what superhero movies do people like and hate? Citing Screen Rant , here’s the list!

10. Birds of Prey Movie

This DC antihero film is considered to have failed to connect with most of its audience. Failing to live up to box office expectations and splitting critics by almost 50-50, this was another obstacle to the portrayal of Harley Quinn on the big screen. The narrative and new character developments in this film are shallow. Although, Harley’s appearance doesn’t disappoint here. Fortunately, Margot Robbie was able to reciprocate her performance as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad that both critics and audiences loved.

9. V for Vendetta

While Alan Moore may not have liked that adaptation of his work, in V for Vendetta , there was less love and loyalty to the original source material than the film. Featuring a number of slick performances from actors such as Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Fry and others, this film is one of the most iconic comic book films of all time. Despite its success when it was released, the overexposure of V as a character and mask in pop culture has made people dislike it. While it still has fans, there are tons of people who are fed up with vigilante .

8. Darkman

After setting the horror world on fire with the Evil Dead series , Sam Raimi’s first masterpiece in the superhero genre is a cult classic that never got the respect it really deserves. Although not hated, audiences and critics are not at all interested in this film. In the world of big-budget superhero movies based on existing properties, Darkman is a real being, one that is very different and maintains a loyal fanbase. Inspired by monsters and noir films , Darkman wasn’t quite the superhero movie it is today. Hence, this film deserves all the love it gets, even if it’s a bit obscure.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man

For a certain generation of fans, this is their Spider-Man. While The Amazing Spider-Man is a perfectly competent film, satisfying those who grew up watching Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is simply impossible. While Andrew Garfield did an excellent job playing Peter Parker, the film has the unfortunate mission of being able to follow the perfect portrayal of spiderman. Although the first film was a success, the sequel failed to live up to expectations. In fact, this film became a bottleneck for all these franchises and tarnished the public’s perception of the film.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

As the sequel to the events of the greatest film of all time, Age of Ultron has a lot to do with it. While this film is neither a commercial nor a critical flop, it is not as grandiose as it was before. This film shows audiences that something big has to happen if the MCU is to continue its wave of success. His stellar performances at the box office prove that there are a lot of people who love Age of Ultron . Fans also praised the film when it was released. But, time has proven to be the greatest threat to his legacy. Most modern fans agree that this film is a drop from the previous one. This film can be forgotten and weak compared to the films after it.

5. Watchmen

Watchmen is perhaps the most successful and best known film adaptation of Alan Moore’s comics. This Zack Snyder film exploded upon its release in 2009. While audiences and critics alike loved the film at the time, perceptions of Watchmen have changed in recent years. While fairly faithful to the source material, the film incorporates a few things that die-hard fans will hate. In addition, the long duration and edgy 2000s do not help this film to be liked by modern audiences.

4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is breaking people’s opinions. This film is the first major film for the DCEU, but whether it is a success or a bad one, it depends on who it is in question. Zack Snyder is one of the most divisive directors in recent years. Besides, there’s hardly a better example of that than the response to this film. Some find the film too dark and edgy and ignore the portrayal of Batman and Superman as enemies. Meanwhile, others like the new approach to the character—a first on the big screen. But, what can’t be denied is its success. The film grossed nearly $1 billion and set the stage for every DC film since.

3. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel features a thick retro background story. While the film pleased some audiences, others did not like it. Even though Captain Marvel is a competent film, its release prior to Avengers: Endgame made most audiences view it as just a filler before the main events. Even so, Brie Larson fits perfectly with Samuel L Jackson and the audience loves the 90s setting. While some find the film easy to forget, others are happy with Goose’s presence in the film.

2. Justice League

While it has its fans, the original version of Justice League is more or less considered a misstep for its director, Zack Snyder. However, what is clear is that the film failed due to studio intervention. Out there, an improved version is hoping for release. So, in 2021, Snyder’s version of Justice League was released on streaming services with the promise of restoring the director’s original vision. What happened was that the audience was treated to a 4 hour long film. Although this new version was praised by critics and audiences alike, its duration made many people lazy to watch it.

1. Eternals

Eternals is perhaps the most divisive film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Despite its box office success in the era of the pandemic, the difference in judgment between critics and audiences is the most polarizing in superhero films. With a critic score of 47% of critics and 78% of the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, the difference in opinion between fans and professionals is significant. Even though the scores are very much different, what can be seen is how the MCU is still going strong.