10 Strongest Boxing Characters in Hajime no Ippo, Super Tough


Hajime no Ippo is a manga series by George Morikawa which was first published in 1989. This boxing sports genre series also got an anime adaptation in 2000 by studio Madhouse.

Hajime no Ippo tells the story of a boy named Ippo Makunouchi who is determined to become a world-class boxer after he experiences bullying and is saved by a boxer named Mamoru Takamura.

This boxing sports series features the characters of the great boxer. Who are they? Check out the following discussion of the 10 strongest boxer characters in Hajime no Ippo !

10. Eiji Date
In 10th place is Eiji Date who was once ranked second in the world for featherweight. Date is a powerhouse boxer who possesses vast knowledge, incredible endurance, and some of the best skills in the series.

Date is known for several of his top techniques, namely Motionless Jab, Corkscrew Blow/Heart Break Shot, Neck Spin, and Brawling Style.

Date’s main weakness is his special strength which has not been able to compete with other boxers, so Date must utilize his reliable technique properly in order to win the match.

9. Alexander Follows Zangief
Volg is a young boxer from Russia with extraordinary talent, senses, strength, speed and reflexes. Volg’s signature punch is the White Fang, which is a fast punch followed by an overhand punch which if it hits a sensitive part of the head can result in brain damage.

Besides White Fang, some of Volg’s other mainstay techniques include Orthodox Boxing Style, Liver Blow, Weaving, Counter, Hien, and Tsubame Gaeshi.

Meanwhile, Volg’s main weakness lies in his lacking endurance. Volg can even be defeated by Ippo because of his exhausted physical condition.

8. Ryou Mashiba
Ryou Mashiba is a boxer known for his signature techniques, including the Unorthodox Boxing Style, Chopping Right, Flicker Jab, Elbow Block, Counter, Cross Counter, Illegal Blows, and Uppercut.

Mashiba has an attack range that is difficult for his enemies to overcome. This boxer who is motivated to be strong for his younger brother has a body that reaches 188 cm in height.

Unfortunately, this tall body actually becomes a weakness for Mashiba, especially if the opponent is a close-range fighter with a body that tends to be smaller. You see, it was easy for them to smack Mashiba in the jaw.

7. Takeshi Sendou
Sendou is very famous for his main offensive technique, namely Smash. The champion of the Western Japan beginner category doesn’t pay much attention to technique when competing. The thing that becomes Sendou’s main focus is how to give the strongest punch.

Sendou is said to be an arrogant boxer because of his reluctance to improve his defensive technique. However, he is very weak when his opponent counterattacks.

Despite his weaknesses, Sendou is a formidable fighter whose skills are worthy of being matched by Ippo.

6.Ichirou Miyata
Next up is Ichirou Miyata, professional featherweight boxer and OPBF featherweight champion. Miyata is Ippo’s idol and rival. However, compared to Ippo, Miyata already has much longer flying hours.

Miyata is an intelligent boxer who possesses extraordinary strength, speed, stamina, and technique. He developed several special techniques, such as Detroit Style, Counter, Jolt Counter, Cross Counter, Sway, Motionless Jab, Pin-Point Counter, Corkscrew Counter, Speed ​​Hell, Southpaw Hitman Style, and Flicker Jab.

Even though it looks perfect, it doesn’t mean that Miyata doesn’t have gaps. This was explained directly by Miyata’s father. According to him, apart from his strong counter attack, this attack is actually easy for the opponent to predict.

5. Ippo Makunouchi
This is the main protagonist in the Hajime no Ippo series. He is a former featherweight champion in the JBC event. Before finally getting into the world of boxing, Ippo’s body was equipped with a strong physique. This is caused by his daily activities which unconsciously build Ippo’s muscles.

Ippo excels in terms of strength, speed, stamina, intelligence, and various other talents. He is well known for his techniques, such as Diagonal Dempsey Roll, Liver Blow, Gazelle Punch, Ten Centimetre Punch, and many more.

Unfortunately, Ippo has a body that tends to be short and small, making it difficult for Ippo to face fighters with a long

attack range. In addition, Ippo’s left limb is still quite stiff, it is difficult for him to attack or defend in that situation.

4. Ricardo Martinez
Here he is the undefeated boxer at the WBA featherweight and number 1 in “Pound for Pound”. Ricardo Martinez was the reason Eiji Date felt frustrated and embarrassed, so he took a break from the boxing world.

Beberapa teknik andalannya meliputi Motionless Jab, Elbow Block, Counter, Liver blow, Body blow, One-Step Straight Punch, One-Two, Straight, Corkscrew Blow, danNeck Spin.

So far, no one has succeeded in dismantling the main weakness of this tough boxer.

3. Bryan Hawk
Bryan Hawk is a retired professional boxer. The protégé of world boxing trainer, Miguel Zale, has won the United States WBC event for the junior middle class.

In fact, in his situation where he rarely practiced, Bryan could easily win a world title. This is supported by natural talent and extraordinary physique. However, his mentality is not as strong as his physical.

Bryan was unable to defend his title against the “Japanese Hawk”. Actually, the defeat occurred because of Bryan’s own arrogance, who was reluctant to study the opponent, or simply to know who his opponent was.

2. David “Golden” Eagle
David is a professional boxer from America who has won the WBC middleweight event for a row. Not only that, he is also an Olympic gold medalist.

Unfortunately, when David failed to defend his WBC title against Mamoru Takamura.

The defeat was caused by the spirit of sportsmanship David himself. In fact, at that time Takamura had suffered a serious injury in the eye. However, David, who harbored a sense of admiration for Takamura, was determined to fight longer, so Takamura managed to find an opening and turned things around, breaking the WBC middleweight title from David Eagle.

1. Mamoru Takamura
The first sequence of strongest boxer characters in Hajime no Ippo is Mamoru Takamura, the fighter who defeated David Eagle, the reigning WBC middleweight champion. In addition, Takamura is also known as a multi-weight professional boxer.

Takamura’s toughness is driven by his personal motivation which is determined to defeat six heavyweight boxers. He started his mission from the junior middle class by winning the JBC and WBC events. Subsequently, Takamura worked his way up to the top of the WBC super middleweight class.