10 Strengths Naruto Has without Kurama in Boruto


Kurama’s death in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brought a big change for Naruto. Due to Kurama’s departure, the Seventh Hokage is now weak. However, that doesn’t mean that Naruto can’t do anything. So far, Naruto is known as the strongest shinobi in the entire franchise . He has great strength that allows him to fight powerful villains, even the Otsutsuki gods. Kurama is the greatest source of his power. However, after his fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, he is no longer as strong as before. That battle had caused Kurama to die. Even so, Naruto still has a lot of strength that will help him in the future. Quoted from CBR , here’s the review!

1. Naruto can still access Six Paths chakra

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto was given half the power of the Six Paths Sage. This helped him become several times stronger than before. This power can be used with or without tapping Kurama’s chakra . So, although not as strong as before, Naruto can still be another threat.

2. Naruto can still access the Bijuu chakra

Despite losing Kurama, Naruto still has access to other Bijuu powers. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he gained a portion of chakra per Bijuu. He too had used this power to a great extent throughout his battles. While fighting Delta, Naruto tapped the Yonbi’s chakra . So, even though Kurama is dead, Naruto can still use the power of another Bijuu.

3. Naruto can still enter Sage Mode

Naruto learns Sage Mode after Jiraiya’s death. He learned this ability in an attempt to immobilize Pain, who was responsible for his teacher’s death. This ability allows one to merge with nature and use Senjutsu chakra. This ability drastically increases one’s strength. With Naruto, this was no different. When using Gama Sennin, Naruto’s strength increases many times.

4. Naruto still has access to the Kekkei Genkai Yoton

Naruto was born without any Kekkei Genkai abilities. However, as the series progresses, he manages to acquire some of these abilities. With Naruto’s access to Son Gokuu’s chakra , Yobi, he can also use his Kekkei Genkai.

Naruto was seen using Yoton in his battles against Madara Uchiha and Kayuga Otsutsuki. He also uses this ability against Delta. Losing Kurama’s chakra doesn’t affect his ability to knock this power out at all.

5. Naruto still has access to Kekkei Genkai Jiton

Like Son Gokuu’s chakra which gave him access to Yoton, having Shukaku chakra means Naruto can also use Kekkei Genkai Jiton. Shukaku gave this chakra to Naruto during the war. He immediately used Jiton to seal Madara’s limbo clone. Even though Naruto hasn’t used it since then, but he can access it.

6. Naruto can use Kekkei Genkai Futton

Naruto’s third Kekkei Genkai comes from the Gobi, Kukuo. This Kekkei Genkai is quite strong and allows him to combine the release of fire and water to create Futton. His greatest strength made Naruto temporarily increase his strength to sky level during his battle with Kaguya Otsutsuki. Like Jiton, he had not used this power since the Fourth Great Ninja War.

7. Naruto can use the ink generator with Gyuki’s power

Thanks to Gyuki’s power, Naruto can use an ink generator, as seen in his battle against Kaguya Otsutsuki. He was seen putting this power into his Rasenshuriken to attack Kaguya first. Since Gyuki’s power was still within him, Naruto could still access this power if he wanted to. In Boruto , he hasn’t used this power yet.

8. Naruto has access to 5 nature transformations

After mastering the power of the Six Paths, Naruto gains access to all the transformations of nature. Although his interest is in Fuuton, he also has control over other types. Naruto was recently seen using Doton’s ninjutsu in Boruto . Now that he couldn’t rely on Kurama’s power anymore, he should be going to use his ninjutsu more often.

Fuinjutsu, also known as Sealing Jutsu, are techniques that allow the user to seal things. The Uzumaki clan was known as the master of this power in the past. Naruto probably didn’t have much interest in this power. But, he had enough grip for this. Like when he was seen able to use the Torii Seal to recapture the Kyubi. Having the power of Shukaku also gives him access to use several other Fuinjutsu.

10. Naruto has high sensory perception

Thanks to the power of Sage Mode, Naruto has gained high sensory perception. This allowed him to feel something that ordinary people couldn’t feel. Combining Sage Mode with his Six Paths chakra can increase this power and give him insight into all things in the universe. Without a doubt Naruto’s sensory perception is the best in this story so far.