10 Plot Twists in Marvel Movies and Series, Make the Audience Gaze!


The release of Spider-Man: No Way Home took the world by surprise. The reason is, this film made by Marvel Studios displays an unusual storyline, even making fans gawk. “fdhgjjj

4KHDbluflm“If you are aware, Marvel films often have a storyline that makes the audience excited. The scene is deliberately made with a plot twist to provide a surprise. This often leaves the audience at a loss “uhahjiji“for words.

Of the many scenes, here are 10 plot twists in Marvel films that will surprise you when you watch them. Try to remember again

1. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio claims to be a superhero from another dimension. Turns out, he’s nothing more than an evil swindler

2. The presence of Pierto Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron feels like a breath of fresh air. However, Marvel makes the audience sad with his death

3. Ikaris in Eternals is described as strong and trustworthy. However, who would have thought that he killed Ajak

4. Loki’s death to protect Thor in Thor: The Dark World is irritating. Turns out, Loki faked his death to steal the throne

5. Skrulls in Captain Marvel were originally considered evil. However, Carol Denvers finally finds out that the real cruel one is Yon-Rogg

6. Before Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark didn’t know who killed his parents. Turns out, the killer was Bucky

7. Peter Parker’s main mission in Spider-Man: Homecoming is to take down the Vulture. Who would have thought, Vulture was the father of the girl he had a crush on

8. During the broadcast, rumors about villains on WandaVision were widely discussed. Turns out, Agnes, the cheerful neighbor, is Agatha Harkness

9. Unexpectedly, superhero efforts to save the earth took a toll in Avengers: Endgame. The death of Black Widow is sad!

10. Marvel movies always have a happy ending. However, that wasn’t the case in Avengers: Infinity War when the superheroes failed to stop Thanos

Marvel Studio not only managed to make the audience happy after watching the film, but also gawked thanks to its plot twist . Movies without surprises can be boring. Which plot twist did you predict beforehand?