10 Most Powerful White-Haired Boy Characters in Anime


White hair is often considered a sign of old age in the mortal world. However, in anime , the white-haired characters have special features in their appearance. They are not old people, but they are young and have strength.

This hair color is not a sign of how strong they are. But, in some characters, this white hair is a marker of the strength of their genetic color. These characters also have extraordinary powers to match in battle.

Most of these characters have white hair from birth. However, there are also those whose hair changes color due to a defeat in a battle or a tragic event. So, who are the strongest white-haired male characters in anime? Check out the following reviews!

10. Kapten Toshiro Hitsugaya — Bleach

Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya commands the tenth squad. He took office after Captain Isshin Shiba/Kurosaki lost his powers to save Masaki. Toshiro is Momo Hinamori’s childhood friend. Until now, the two have occasionally teased each other by calling each other’s names.

Toshiro was known for a number of things. This includes his bankai, Daiguren Hyorinmaru and his great talent as a prodigy among the captains. He also had paper-white hair even though he was young. However, due to her child-like size, no one would have thought that she was old.

9. Kakashi Hatake — Naruto

When Naruto was only 12 years old, he saw Kakashi as an impressive adult. This is true. Kakashi is indeed a truly talented and experienced jonin who deserves respect. But, the truth is, Kakashi is still young.

He was only 26 years old when he met Naruto in the formation of team 7. Although still relatively young, Kakashi already had a lot of experience. He is also known for reading erotic books and wearing a mask on his face. In addition, his white hair is also his trademark.

8. Shoto Todoroki — My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki has two hair colors. This color reflects ice and fire, which are his Quirk properties. He inherited Endeavor’s fiery red hair on the left and icy white hair from his mother, Rei Todoroki, on the right.

Shoto is a red and white haired character at the same time. This makes it look good. He looks half-assed in many ways. From her Quirk to her appearance and personality as a kuudere, she is determined to live up to her mother’s ideas of kindness and generosity.

7. Ken Kaneki — Tokyo Ghoul

Some anime boys are born with white hair, like Toshiro and Shoto. However, there are also those whose hair changes color due to trauma. This phenomenon is actually quite common in anime and other works of fiction. Ken Kaneki—a half-ghoul—knew about it.

By nature, Ken’s hair is black. However, after experiencing continuous torture at Yamori’s cruel hands, Ken’s hair turned a pale gray, almost white. Her hair has been like that since then. This hair color contrasts with her black clothes and nails.

6. Kanade Uryu/Metropoliman — Platinum End

Platinum End tells the story of a fierce battle between 13 candidates for God or humans who are chosen by angels to fight and see who can become the Lord of the entire universe. One of those candidates was the ruthless young boy known as Kanade Uryu. In the world, he is known as the Metropoliman.

Metropoliman hid his face with a fancy helmet. But at school and at home, he took off the helmet. His noble face and white hair were visible. So far, the series’ protagonist, Mirai Kakehashi, has only glimpsed the true face of Metropoliman.

5. Satoru Gojo — Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo is the strongest mage in Jujutsu Kaisen . Its power is limitless. He has a Rikugan move that makes him very strong. He is a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High School who is known to be cool and likes to play games with his students.

Gojo’s appearance also looks distinctive. With a height of 190.5 cm, Gojo looks charming with his blue eyes which he often covers with an eye patch or sunglasses. Her white hair often appears with a standing model. However, Gojo sometimes let his hair down when he was in a more casual setting.

4. Near/Nate River — Death Note

The world’s greatest detective, L, died at the hands of Kira. For 5 years, Light reigned as a combination of L and Kira. Later, two of L’s heirs, Near and Mello, arrive to avenge the deaths of their hero and mentor. Mello has blonde hair. Meanwhile, Near has snow-white hair even though he is only in his twenties.

Near imitates L in many ways. From his strange habits to his poor human skills, to his analytical and sharp mind, Near exemplifies it all. However, his white hair is very different from L’s black hair. Of course, there must be a difference between Near and L.

3. Killua Zoldyck — Hunter X Hunter

Killua Zoldyck is a trained assassin. However, his goofy and strange personality hides it all from many people. Killua can be firm and cold. But, he was like that because of his age. He plays with toys and jokes with his friend Gon. He can also be very spoiled.

Killua has long defined himself outside of his murderous family. He wants to be free from the manipulation of his older brother, Illumi. Little by little, Killua becomes himself and redefines himself through his career as a Hunter and Gon’s true friend.

2. Kaede Manyuda — Kakegurui

Like Ken Kaneki, Kaede Manyuda was also born with black hair. However, her hair changed color due to a traumatic event. Instead of being tortured by ghouls, Kaede loses a poker match to Yumeko Jabati. He lost over 10 billion yen in that match. Despite his wealth, the defeat was shocking.

Kaede was very surprised. As a result, his hair turned white. Several characters actually commented on it. Then, Kaede turns into a more quiet and low-key Hyakkou student. He also teamed up with Yumeko in a new match.

1. Inuyasha — Inuyasha

Inuyasha is a half demon creature who has a love relationship with an archer named Kikyo. Finally, he was glued to the tree and Kikyo left. Later, Kagome arrives as a time-based isekai hero. He helps recover InuYasha for a new adventure.

Inuyasha is known as an aggressive male tsundere. He was a well-meaning boy but had trouble expressing himself appropriately. He often makes sarcastic comments and behaves arrogantly, which is both endearing and frustrating. He is also known for his red robes, long white hair and erect ears. But, when he turned into a human, his hair turned black.