10 Main Characters of Attack on Titan Measured by Their Maturity


Most of the main characters of Attack on Titan were children when the story began. Not surprisingly, many of the main characters in Attack on Titan have grown up thinking since they were little.

Even so, there are some characters who often show a childish attitude. But, obviously, that’s not a problem. Some characters do keep their naivety at the same level as they grow.

In fact, the protagonists of Attack on Titan may also become poster children due to their lack of emotional development. Therefore, there are a number of characters that can be considered mature. This proves that the situation, bad or bad, doesn’t affect their personality much. Who are the mature characters in Attack on Titan? Here’s the review!

10. Eren Jaeger
Eren was frozen in time. He forever remembers the events of the Titan attack that led to his mother’s death. His acting had little effect on most people, as he wasn’t the only child to lose a family.

However, acquiring the Attack Titan gives Eren the freedom to exercise his beliefs in a way few other characters can. While Eren does love his friends, the fact is that he insisted on fulfilling his wish as a child to rid the world of the Titans. Even if it means destroying everything.

9. Sasha Braus
Sasha’s early childhood was filled with hatred for those who were left homeless by the destruction of Wall Maria. However, his close relationship with the Scout allows him to emerge from the cocoon of bigotry and develop a certain level of maturity. Hence, Sasha didn’t really care about manners. This is evidenced by his wild appetite and absolutely no respect for the rules. The term “potato girl” perfectly describes Sasha’s passionate, albeit nave, personality.

8. Annie Leonhart
Annie’s abusive behavior and her very aloof character stem from her experiences as Private Marleyan and her desire to see her father again. He is very logical when it comes to his mission. This explains why he has access to the Female Titan. Unfortunately, Annie’s first reaction to a seemingly unsolvable riddle lands her into an unbreakable barrier, both emotionally and literally in the form of a Titan crystal.

7. Reiner Braun
Reiner earned his position as the Attack Titan only because Marcel convinced Marleyan’s authorities that his younger brother, Porco, couldn’t be a suitable modifier. After it was revealed, not long after, Marcel breathed his last. This pushed Reiner into a vortex of guilt and self-loathing.

It took him years to recover from that feeling. As a result, his actions at Paradis were psychologically inconsistent. The truth that Reiner believed in seemed to change with the waves, which proved that he didn’t really know what he was doing or what he was standing for.

6. Jean Kirschtein
Although Jean wanted everyone to believe that he was a selfish man who wanted to join the Military Police for the money and security that the job provided, he was originally one of the loyal characters in Attack on Titan. Jean immediately disliked Eren because his optimistic philosophy made him nervous. Their enmity even turned into a fight. Even so, Jean stayed with the Scouts until the end. He holds Connie as the two wait for the Shining Centipede’s gas to turn them into Titans.

5. Levi Ackermann
Levi’s combat skills are unquestionable, as is his leadership. Not only does he completely involve himself in the war—unlike bosses in the military who prefer their men to do the dirty work, Levi also ensures the well-being of his team every step of the way. On the other hand, his manic emphasis on cleanliness and his generally aloof nature suggest that Levi treats his heart as something to be protected at all times. Fortunately, he seemed to be more loose with the world three years after Rumbling.

4. Hange Zo
Hange’s scientific method and character as a whole, may seem unconventional. But his rational approach always involved more than a little more than a dash of affection. He regularly checks on his juniors, offers his eccentric tutoring for free and enjoys being among them.

Hange is also haunted by the same horror as everyone else in Paradis. However, he chose not to direct his anger at Titan. He believed that they were just mindless monsters who should not be held morally responsible for their actions.

3. Mikasa Ackermann
The murder of Mikasa‘s parents isAh, the turning point in his life. Because she meets Eren, the person she loves more than anyone else, is often a point of open bias. However, it is her love for Eren and the need to protect her that pushes Mikasa to greater heights. In the end, this brought him to the top of his class in the Scout Regiment. He doesn’t like to brag about his accomplishments. Mikasa prefers to avoid attention. Hence, Eren often finds his tendencies like a hen to be a bit exaggerated.

2. Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith’s power is not born of political intrigue but of trust. As logical as he was, Erwin understood that friendship would only be created if all members of the regiment were treated equally. It drives almost every decision he makes in his life. He was always the first to lead the battle or get involved in rotten politics, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Erwin’s resolve was unbreakable.

1. Armin Arlert
Armin is shy, weak, timid, maybe even scared. But, she was the only one who could push herself out of her character flaws. Mikasa and Eren could see through their friend’s gentle facade. Both really appreciate who Armin really is.

It took time for Armin to find himself. However, dealing with Eren in the midst of a global genocide requires more patience than every character in Attack on Titan can have. Armin’s empathy is radical, sometimes even overshadowed by its negativity.