10 Highest-Rated Players in FIFA 2022: Ronaldo Dropped in Rank, Messi?


The FIFA 2022 game will be released in early October. A number of star players have received improvements in the quality of their ratings thanks to their brilliant performance with the team they are defending.

Call it Phil Foden, who in the previous game only had a rating of 79. But thanks to his hard work and brilliant game last season, the FIFA 2022 game decided to increase his rating to 84 with the potential to touch 92 when playing career mode.

However, currently there are several players who are getting protests from game lovers, the article is that several names of athletes have received a rating drop, such as Mohamed Salah, who previously had an overall 90, but in the latest FIFA 2022 game he got an overall of 89, even though if you look at the game and statistics, Salah didn’t play badly last season.

Salah currently has the same rating as team mate Sadio Mane, even though it is clear that Mohamed Salah is still ahead of Mane in terms of goal and game productivity, with the Reds.

Here we present the 10 highest-rated players from the upcoming FIFA 2022, see the list of players below.

N’Golo Kante – 90
N’golo Kante was the first player to get the highest rating in FIFA 2022. He got an increase from previously only having a rating as high as 88 in FIFA 2021.

Thanks to his hard work winning the Champions League, Kante, who played a big role for the Blues, clearly got a higher rating than before.

With this Kante has a higher rating with his rival Joshua Kimmich who is only able to get a rating of 89 in the upcoming FIFA 2022.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 90
Ter Stegen received the same rating as before and ahead of his rival Thibaut Courtois with a rating of 89.

Thanks to his brilliant performances in Barcelona’s goal and successfully won the Copa Del Rey title last season, he clearly has a higher rating than Courtois.

But oddly enough, Gianluigi Donnarumma, who was able to win Euro 2020, actually got a lower rating than him, which was only 89.

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Harry Kane 90
Top scorer of the Premier League last season, Harry Kane got an increase in terms of his rating thanks to 23 goals that made him the top scorer last season.

Previously Harry Kane had a rating of 89 which means he has a playing style like Lewandowski, but has a stronger body balance like Lukaku.

If you use Harry Kane, he has the same style of play as Ronaldo and Lewandowski who rely on accurate kicks, as well as his deadly headers.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 91
Many FIFA fans are annoyed with Ronaldo who has decreased in terms of ratings. The reason is that he was still able to productively score goals last season and became the top scorer of Serie A and Euro 2020.

He also helped Juventus avoid a title fast by winning the Supercoppa Italiana. Many think Ronaldo is still level with Lewandowski and Messi thanks to his productivity, but FIFA still gives him a 91 rating.

However, there is no need to be sad that the player with a rating of 91 is one of the best players in FIFA, Ronaldo himself has a long-range hard kick which is a plus for him when you play in FIFA.

Kevin De Bruyne – 91
Manchester City have Kevin De Bruyne as their highest-rated player. Kevin De Bruyne has neither decreased nor increased in terms of his rating.

However, some fans feel that if Kevin De Bruyne gets the 91 rating, Salah feels he should have the same rating because some think De Bruyne and Salah have an equally vital role for their team.

Last season De Bruyne became one of the deadliest midfielders by recording 18 assists and presenting the Premier League for the 2020/21 season.

Neymar – 91
Currently, Neymar gets the same rating as in the previous game, which is 91 things he got after helping PSG qualify for the UCL semifinals, which at that time eliminated Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

He is still one of the most promising players at PSG which makes FIFA not lower the overall from him.

But now he has the same rating or overall as his teammate, Kylian Mbappe who was the cover of last year’s FIFA and Fifa 2022, he will be the most difficult player with his dribbling and skills in FIFA 2022 later.

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