10 Coolest Masked Heroes That Appeared in Movies


Hero characters are always fun to watch on screen. But, those who wear masks are even more adorable. There’s something interesting and mysterious about good men hiding their faces behind masks. There is also a cool impression hidden there.

They must have had their reasons for hiding their faces. Maybe because he wanted to protect his identity, or give him extra abilities. That, and the masked villain, are all fun.

Some of the best heroes in movies are those who wear masks. Is it part of the full costume or just for the sake of their mystery. Most can intimidate enemies, making them look stronger and bigger. They may not need a mask to win, but it makes them appear better. So, who are the coolest masked heroes in movies? Here’s the review!

10. V

The main character of V for Vendetta ignited a firestorm between the two political camps when the film was released in 2005. But, despite all the controversy, the character herself was cool. V is a non-superhero comic character like no other. He uses reason and deception as his murder weapon.

The Guy Fawkes mask he wears is symbolic. He tells his enemies that he is fighting for something, not just sowing fear in their hearts or protecting loved ones.

9. Iron Man

In the comics, there is no shortage of masked superheroes. But, Iron Man remains one of the coolest. When the character was brought to the big screen for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it changed the direction of superhero movies. Played brilliantly by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark suddenly became the gold standard for good people. if not making laughs with his quirky behavior, Tony is busy showing off the power and abilities of the Iron Man costume. The mask design is assertive, aggressive, and heroic.

8. Batman

The Batman masks are designed for one purpose, and only one, to terrorize the hearts of Gotham’s criminals. Playing on the human fear of bats, he becomes a symbol of gothic horror in the same vein as Dracula, Wolf Man and others. His mask underwent different appearances over the years. But Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman has built the template. A black mask with big ears and a focus on Batman’s big eyes are elements of the formula.

7. RoboCop

The result is RoboCop. He is an armed police unit that is half human and half robot.

RoboCop’s mask makes him even more intimidating than his massive body size. His visor allows him to track multiple targets and assess the situation around him. But, obviously, the mask is a design choice, first and foremost.

6. Snake Eyes

Although the big screen film GI Joe is a guilty pleasure or a colossal disappointment, it cannot be denied that the film has a cool factor, namely Snake Eyes. This character doesn’t talk much. But, the action has said a lot. He continues to amaze fans with his signature costumes and masks.

When in full costume, Snake Eyes doesn’t look like a human. However, he is a hero who will go beyond his limits to complete missions.

5. Spider-Man

The Spider-Man costume is the most recognizable among the superheroes. It’s easy to know why. This costume is simple, but smart, with a blue and red color scheme, expressive mask and web stitching on the body. Unlike many masked characters, Spider-Man never loses his fun and excitement.

This superhero wears his main mask to protect those he loves from his enemies’ revenge. However, the mask has now become a symbol and icon of kindness. He had worn a variety of costumes, but the feeling of the mask was still the same.

4. Rorschach

This brutal antihero Rorschach from The Watchmen boasts one of the most inventive and memorable masks. The costume is flat, consisting only of a coat and a fedora with a scarf around the neck. However, the mask becomes the character’s true focal point. Resembling an ink stain from a real Rorschach test, the mask represents the character’s black and white view of the world and his brand of justice. Rorschach saw the mask as his real face, because he couldn’t stand his face without it.

3. Venom

Few characters have masks as cool as Venom. This Eddi Brock symbiote is able to layer it, and turn it into a massive force that can withstand massive damage, including gunfire and explosions. The symbiotic’s distinctive appearance is its face with long pointed teeth, odd eyes and a long tongue. This is the mask that Eddie wears, even though it is actually another creature he is bound to. In the comics, his true identity is well known, but he’s still relatively mysterious in the movies.

2. Westley

The Princess Bride is one of the best fantasy films of the 1980s, with a line of interesting characters. Westley is one of the coolest characters thanks to how his character was introduced. He took on the mantle of Dread Pirate Roberts, a nickname passed down from one person to another once the previous bearer retired.

Dressed in an all-black mask and outfit, Westley battles Inigo Montoya in one of the film’s funniest moments. It’s hard to find fault with that character. But, Westley’s introduction as a masked delinquent clearly made him sit on a higher level.

1. Guyver

There have only been two Guyver live action films so far. This costume is taken directly from the Japanese anime series of the same name. The costume was worn by Sean Barker. Guyver is a bio armor suit that gives the wearer great strength, speed and endurance. His mask is the focal point of the costume with an eerie face consisting of two glittering eyes, large horns and a respirator that expels gas from a mouthpiece. This is one of the coolest and obscure superhero masks in the sci-fi genre.