10 Coolest Jerseys for the 2022 World Cup (Part 2): Mexico and Japan’s jerseys are so beautiful


The teams participating in the 2022 World Cup are getting more and more intense in preparing themselves because the grand event is getting closer. They not only continue to hone technical and physical, but also prepare other things such as the jersey to be worn.

Jersey World Cup participants can not be underestimated. Many fans are waiting curiously for the appearance of the costumes of the 2022 World Cup participating teams.

Usually, there are teams that get bad costumes. If so, criticism will come, especially from their own fans.

On the other hand, fans will be happy if the team jersey is cool and impressive. Jersey sales will usually also soar.

Here are the 10 coolest jerseys at the 2022 World Cup which will be divided into two parts. Here’s for rankings five to first.

5. Brazil (Home)
Brazil has returned to display their signature yellow jersey for their home kit. But the color of the jersey this time is more dynamic.

There is a small collar, with a mix of blue and green. As well as a leopard pattern that looks transparent on the uniform.

4. France (Away)
Defending champions France will wear the blue jersey for home matches and white for away matches. Not just a white jersey, because Nike gives another touch.

Another touch is a transparent image of the scene of the French revolution of 1789, bearing the Arc de Triomphe and an image of a windmill. This jersey is unique enough to earn the praise it deserves from its fans.

3. England (Away)
The England home kit may be a disaster, but not the away kit. The England away kit continues to use red and blue with a retro classic design.

Nike also added a collar with a V-shaped neckline that can be a memory to collect. If this jersey can be an interesting memory, of course England can add it with a title that deserves to be even more special.

2. Mexico (Away)
Adidas designed the Mexico second or away jersey very beautifully. The color combination that matches the unique pattern makes anyone who sees it will feel its beauty.

Maybe the only note is the green pants that accompany this unique jersey. But with an elegant jersey, maybe many people will not look at his pants.

1. Japan (Cage)
Adidas not only designed beautiful jerseys for Mexico but also for Japan. This Asian champion jersey is still blue, which will combine with white origami patterns that look charming.

Japan is not a favorite country to win the title. But when they wear this jersey, of course the beautiful uniform will be remembered even though the Blue Samurai nation cannot go far in Qatar later.