10 Coolest Characters with Disabilities in Anime


Disability is a physical or psychological disorder that usually prevents those who experience it from living a “normal” daily life. In this world, calling disability an inconvenience is an understatement. What is clear, disability is not always a barrier for someone to still look cool like other “normal” people.

In the anime world , disability is portrayed in a more positive way than in other media. This is not because people with disabilities are minor. However, because many anime characters with disabilities sometimes overcome their limitations and even find their strengths despite their shortcomings.

There are many examples of anime-exclusive methods that go beyond the limitations or incompetence of the character. Welcoming International Day of Persons with Disabilities, there is nothing wrong with seeing a number of iconic anime disabled characters who can be a source of inspiration for everyone. Check out the following reviews!

10. Nunnally Vi Britannia – Code Geass

Code Geass really set a level too high for a mecha anime. Since its release in 2006, the mecha genre has been steadily decreasing. Few mecha series come close to the success of Code Geass. This great success was influenced by many factors. One of them is a diverse cast in the series. Although paralyzed and blind, Nunnally always maintains a positive outlook on life. He rarely complains about his condition and instead chases away those around him, not the other way around.

9. Shouko Nishimiya — A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is one of the most touching anime films ever made. In fact, one does not need to be a big fan to be able to watch and enjoy it. Shouko is the main female character in this film. He was born deaf. However, her disability does not prevent her from leading a relatively normal and energetic life.

8. Fujitora — One Piece

Issho or better known as Fujitora is a marine admiral in the One Piece series . To a marine, being promoted to admiral was definitely impressive. Fujitora was probably blind. But, he had a powerful punch. Fujitora’s proficiency in Kenbunshoku Haki reached the point where his vision became irrelevant. In fact, with Fujitora’s Haki level, eyesight can become a weakness.

7. Yui — Angel Beats

Angel Beats will immerse the audience in its vivid visuals, engaging world and hilarious cast. However, everything changes 180 degrees once the plot begins to unfold. The series is pulling a string that was never known to exist until it was opened. In this series, Yui acts as a cute character. But, behind his energetic character, he hides a heart-fluttering backstory. In the real world, while still alive, Yui was hit by a car. As a result, he was paralyzed from his neck to his feet. He depended on his mother until his last breath.

6. Kaname Tosen — Bleach

Tosen has always been a solitary person who is always alone. Born blind, he was initially introduced as captain of the 9th division in the Gotei 13 and remained so until his sudden betrayal. Even though he was an antagonist in this series, fans never hated him.

5. Komugi — Hunter X Hunter

Komugi is an accurate representation of gently killing people. His only skill in life is playing board games. So, he made the board game his way of life. He played every game with his life on the line. The confidence is admirable, even by anime standards. His greatest achievement must have been the effect it had on Meruem. He melted the cold-blooded monster into a good human just by doing what he did. Komugi suffers from Savant syndrome which leaves him with many developmental disorders.


4. Alphonse Elric — Fullmetal Alchemist

In order to bring their mother back to life, the Elric brothers study alchemy and attempt to transmute their mother back to life. However, their transmutation attempt ended in a huge failure that almost cost the two brothers their lives. Al even lost his whole body. His only option is to live as an armed costume.

3. Gildarts — Fairy Tail

Gildarts is a living myth of Fairy Tail. At some point, he was considered the master of the guild and for good reason. He was actually one of the few to have fought Acanalogia and lived to tell its story. Especially, after he lost an arm and a leg. Despite having to undergo amputation, this does not stop Gildarts from adventuring. In fact, the incident had actually boosted his spirits.

2. Edward Elric — Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is n’t considered the best shonen anime for no reason. Everything introduced in this series is unique, from the Alchemy power system to the vivid world that has never been seen before in the shnen genre. However, what attracts fans the most about the series is its protagonist, Edward Elric. Ed is one of the most likable protagonists of shonen. Not because of the missing limbs, but because the character writing is so good.

1. Shanks — One Piece

Shanks is a mysterious man whose reputation exceeds his. The hype around him feels surreal. Almost nothing is known about its power and background visually. Shanks lost his hand while trying to save Luffy. But, everyone knows there’s more to the story than to tell. It was a necessary sacrifice for the welfare of the next era, or so he said.