10 Characters from the Anime Series the Era of the 1990s


Anime series from the 1990s have one hell of a strong character is still a role model until now. Some of them become the inspiration for the characters in the anime now. There are even some that have become legend.

Currently, there are dozens of popular anime with karaker strong in their own way. Series such as Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia have captured the attention of fans of modern anime. Although the characters are unique, can not be denied that they were affected with the characters from the era of the 90s.

Whether it’s a human, cyborg, or other anime of the 1990s had a strong character that can still be seen fans. In many ways, the anime from the early 2000s and has previously formed a tone for strong character. So, what character the strongest of the anime series of the 90s? The following ranks according to CBR!


Motoko is a cyborg and the squad leader of Public Security Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell. As a cyborg intact, she has a number of capabilities, including camouflage. He is also very intelligent and can access a lot of information just with a wink. His body can be destroyed completely, but it did not kill him. She is the expert of the fight empty-handed. When against hackers, known as The Mastermind, he easily broke his hands and feet without trying.

9. Alita — Battle Angel Alita (1993)

Alita is a cyborg who is amnesia. After finding the default ability to fight, Alita becomes a bounty hunter. Although small-boned, he is very strong and agile. He easily cut off the members of the body of his opponent and make a big hole in the wall with the power of his punch.

8. Guts — Berserk (1997)

Guts, known as the swordsman of Black. He’s a mercenary and soldier, known wielding a giant sword that is the same size with him. Not only does he have a resistance fighter, but he’s also physically strong. Although the size of his sword, he was still able to does as its weight does not mean at all. Guts is also able to strike with precision. He faced 100 people and even fend off a mace weighing hundreds of kilograms. Guts does not have any special skills or secret techniques. But, even so, she still became a very strong person.

7. Kenshin — Rurouni Kenshin (1996)

Kenshin is the swordsman of the greatest and termaut in the world. His ability is very famous, and practical, and to be a legend. He could cut a certain number of enemies with a blink of an eye and can even cut sculpture without trying. Rurouni Kenshin showed that he was very talented to the average swordsman he thinks he is a demon with supernatural powers. Although he stopped killing people and wear a sword by the blade upside down, he’s still people that should not be disturbed.

6. Gon — Hunter X Hunter (1999)

Hunter X Hunter original aired from 1999-2001. The other began airing in 2011. Gon is a hunter who has a lot of different abilities. Not only does he have a hearing and vision forward, he also has a sense of taste and smell good. Agility is remarkable. He is also very strong, until he is able to catch fish that cannot be caught five adults. Tolerance to the excruciating pain and he’s even got a self-healing good. With all the abilities of Gon, he is a fighter perfect and can face any challenge.

5. Luffy — One Piece (1999)

Luffy has been circulating as one of the strongest characters in One Piece since 1999. He is still young but very strong. As a child, he ate the Gumi Gumi no Mi which turned him into a rubber man. He lost the ability to swim, but gained a lot of strength. The bullets couldn’t penetrate his body because of the bounce of his rubber body. He can also stretch his limbs so he can deliver powerful kicks and punches. He is immune to lightning attacks, which helped him a lot during his fight against Enel in the Skypiea story arc . At his weakest level, he is still one of the strongest characters in One Piece. At his strongest level, barely anyone could touch him.

4. Yusuke — Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)

Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho is a punk kid who usually gets into fights and is known to break the rules. After sacrificing himself to save others, he is revived and becomes a Spirit Detective. At first, he could fight but not with great ability. After training with the legendary psychic, Genkai, Yusuke becomes unstoppable. Apparently, he reached his limit after defeating Toguro during the Dark Tournament. Throughout Yu Yu Hakusho , he continued to be strong. When Yusuke is killed again, he returns as a half demon with Mazoku powers. From there, he was truly unstoppable.

3. Genkai — Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)

Before passing down his powers to Yusuke, he was originally the strongest human in Yu Yu Hakusho . Even after his powers were gone, he was still a force to be reckoned with. He was a legend among the demons and even won the Dark Tournament. In its heyday, its strength was unmatched. He even destroyed an entire mountain with the power of a single spirit rifle strike. Even in his old age, he could still crush any enemy. When the first Dark Tournament started, he was able to defeat a group of demons alone with a single strike. That is, he is one of the strongest characters in the anime.

2. Goku — Dragon Ball Z (1989)

Many anime fans consider Goku from Dragon Ball Z to be the strongest anime character of all time. Fans usually measure how strong other characters are by whether or not they can beat Goku in a fight. Praise for his strength is not without reason. Even as a child, he was already very strong. Bulma shot him and caused no damage at all. He could create planet-sized attacks and even fight Gods. Goku is so powerful that it’s hard to believe that anyone could even challenge him.

1. Usagi Tsukino — Sailor Moon (1992)

No anime character can truly compare to the Celestial Queen with the power of the universe at her fingertips. When she first found out that she could become Sailor Moon, Usagi was cowardly and weak. When he faced his first obstacle, he literally cried for help, which in the end became one of his strongest attacks. When he becomes strong in Sailor Moon , he can net the Legendary Silver Crystal and use all the power in the universe. It’s hard to believe how strong he is.