【Order in May】 LE SSERAFIM debuts; ASTRO, AB6IX, SEVENTEEN, TXT are coming back!

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Let see what singers and groups are coming back in May, do you have your destiny? LE SSERAFIM debuts; ASTRO, AB6IX, SEVENTEEN, TXT are coming back!

May 2: LE SSERAFIM and Lim Yoong,
the girl group LE SSERAFIM who debuted as HYBE Entertainment first team, will release their first mini-album “Fearless” on May 2. The title song ‘Fearless’ contains a message of not lingering on the past and moving forward steadfastly, and the lyrics contain the true feelings and thoughts of the members as they prepare for their debut.

Lin Yingxiong, who debuted almost 6 years ago, will release his first full-length album “IM HERO”. And its title song “Can We Meet Again”, the MV was produced and filmed all over Paris!

May 3: MeloMance, Super Junior Ryeowook, iKON, and ALICE
are familiar with MeloMance if they watch “Blind Date”. They will release their 6th mini-album “Invitation” with the title song “Invitation”. The MV of “Invitation” even invited Lu Zhengyi as the heroine.

Super Junior member Ryeowook is releasing his third mini-album “A Wild Rose”. The title song is “Hiding Words”, which is a ballad song with lyrical piano and warm guitar melody.

iKON will be back with their 4th mini album “Flashback”! The title song is called “BUT YOU”, this time iKON said that they will bring new attempts in music! Make the curiosity and expectation of fans and music fans even greater!

The girl group originally called ELRIS changed its name to ALICE (앨리스) in April, and on this day they will release their second digital single “내안의우주”. This time, the 7 members expressed their feelings for the fans who have been with them since their debut.

May 4: Gaeko
On the day Gaeko will release the fourth soundtrack and collaborative single “Little Treasure” from the “Gaejaksil” project, it is with his wife Kim SUMI that they will present their first official duet song.

May 5: WOODZ (Cho Seung Yeon) Cho Seung Yeon
4th mini-album “COLORFUL TRAUMA” is coming! The title song “I hate you” says that you can live happily without you, but it actually a song that sings “I still love you so much, how can you leave me?”.

May 9: TXT
TXT fourth mini-album, Mini Sword 2: Third Days Child, follows Dream Chapter and Chaos Chapter, and depicts a boy relationship to himself and the world around him. learn.

May 10: Jannabi A
few days ago, Jannabi released a handwritten letter to celebrate the 8th anniversary of their debut. They will also release a new album on this day to thank the fans who have always supported them.

May 11: Ciipher, Zheng Shiyun
Ciipher will return with the third mini album “THE CODE”, they will also announce Ciipher worldview through this album, and it is expected that a new storyline will be written in seven musical colors.

After 1 year and 4 months, Zheng Shiyun is coming back with his fifth mini album “Where is my Garden!”~ This is a music album that only Zheng Shiyun can present, singing the hope of youth. The “garden” as the background of the album is the hiding place of Zheng Shiyun daily life and the space where he can be healed from the cruel reality.

May 12: Hwang Chi Yeol
Hwang Chi Yeol will return with his fourth mini-album “By My Side”, whose title track “Why Only Now” is a song about a man who regrets his breakup and admits that he was out of place with his lover song.

May 16: ASTRO
‘s third full-length album “Drive to the Starry Road” is the first full-length album released by ASTRO in about a year. The album contains a total of 11 songs in various genres including the title track “Candy Sugar Pop”. With all six members involved in lyrics, songwriting and rap production, the response to the new album is more enthusiastic than ever because it is an album that captures its own colors more clearly.

May 17: TNX, ONEUS
TNX is a 6-member boy group launched by P NATION through the talent show “LOUD” produced by SBS. The first album is called “WAY UP”.

ONEUS will release the 7th mini album “TRICKSTER”, the title song “Bring it on” is supported by Inner Child (Mono Tree), including producer Do-Hoon Kim, producer Lee Sang-ho and RBW’s Seo Yong-bae, member RAVN participated wrote lyrics.

May 18: AB6IX
AB6IX will bring the fifth EP “A to B” back to the public’s attention, and at 8 p.m. on the same day, a showcase will be held to show fans the stage of the new album for the first time.

May 24: BLANK2Y
BLANK2Y is a 9-member boy group consisting of DK, Louie, Donghyuk, Siu, Mikey, U, Youngbin, Seongjun, and Sodam. The team name is a compound word of “BLANK” and “KEY”, which means “the key to open the blank”. Like the group name, it is expected to become a medium that connects listeners around the world, becoming nine keys.